Tennyson townhouse

Completed successful development (3 different sample with  photos(building and  interior)
Project Name : Tennyson Units
Project Address: 23 Tennyson Avenue, Clayton South
Type of the project:Double storey and single storey units
Project size: 4 units (2 double storey and 2 single storey)
Land cost: $450K
Stamp duty: $20K
Planning cost: $30K
Interest: $25K (for land value only)
(All overall cost list)
 Construction cost: $600K
 Associated cost: $20K (open space levy)
 Other costs (including): $5K (PIC Number)
 Holding cost: $60K (for construction)
Total cost: $1,210K
 Resale: $1,800K
 Profit: $590K
Net profit: $535K (after GST)
Project term: Overall 1 year.
 Profit Margin on the investment:  44%

Centre rd Clayton

Completed successful development (3 different sample with  photos(building and  interior)
Project Name(项目名称) : Centre Road Terrace
Project Address(项目地址): 1422 Centre Road, Clayton South
Type of the project(项目类型)Apartments with Basement(公寓带地下定车库)
Project size(项目规模): 8 – two bedrooms apartments (8套两睡房公寓楼)
Land cost(土地成本): $475K
Stamp duty(印花税): $25K
Planning cost(设计规划成本): $40K
Interest(利息): $35K (for land value only)土地部分贷款利息
(All overall cost list总成本明细)
 Construction cost(建筑成本): $1,300K
 Associated cost(建筑工地运作杂费): $30K (open space levy)
 Other costs (including)(工地水费等): $10K (PIC Number)
 Holding cost(利息): $80K (for construction建筑费用贷款部分的利息)
Total cost(总成本): $1,995K
 Resale(销售总收入): $2,800K
 Profit(利润): $805K
Net profit(纯利润): $730K (after GST去除消费税后)
Project term(项目周期): Overall 2 years(2年).
 Profit Margin on the investment(利润跟踪投资比率):  36%


Other costs (including): $10K (PIC Number)工地杂费。1万
 Holding cost: $100K (for construction)建筑成本贷款利息
Total cost:$2,325K
 Resale(总销售收入): $3,870K387万
 Profit: $1,545K利润154.5万
Net profit: $1,400K (after GST)纯利润140万
Project term: Overall 2 years.运作周期2年
Profit Margin on the investment:  60% 利润占总投资比率60%


Planning cost: $50000规划设计成本5万
Interest: $600000利息60万
 Construction cost: $3.6m建筑成本360万
Total cost: $6770000总成本677万
 Resale: $10500000销售总收入1050万
 Profit: $2430000利润243万
Project term: Overall 1.5 years.项目周期1年半
Net Profit Margin on the investment: 35.9%利润占总投资比率35.9%

Investement opportunity Dunsborough forereshore(WA)

15/08/2014 12:09
30/09/2014 12:09

Live the dream!  A premium site on the Dunsborough foreshore has been endorsed by the City of Busselton for the development of a café and / or kiosk of up to 150 square metres with the option of another 50 square metres for alfresco


The City has worked closely with key stakeholders on a range of issues to locate a suitable foreshore site, taking into account risks such as erosion and inundation; potential impact on resident’s views; heritage and indigenous considerations as well as other issues of concern to local residents.


The site is approximately 200 metres south-east of Dunn Bay Road and has spectacular views of Geographe Bay and is adjacent to an existing car park and public ablution facility.


The City has elected to go through a two stage Expression of Interest process to select a suitable developer for the site given the rarity of the location, and to ensure that any building is sympathetic to its environment, whilst providing a suitable hospitality offering at such a prime beachfront location.

The two-stage process will also enable a contiguous statutory approvals process by Council and the Minister for Lands, which is required given the land is an ‘A Class’ Crown reserve.

Strict measures will be imposed as a condition of any future development in relation to loss of visual amenity, potential parking congestion and possible environmental impact and that building materials and colours reflect the natural environment and ambience of the Dunsborough foreshore.

 Environmentally Sustainable Design

  • The design of buildings to incorporate mitigation measures to avoid flooding and avoid or mitigate adverse impacts from coastal erosion.
  • Environmentally sustainable building principles would be viewed favourably.
  • Using natural, durable materials to cope with the natural environment.
  • Restrict removal of native  vegetation  [(e.g. WA Peppermints (Agonis  flexuosa)  and Rottnest Teatree (Melaleuca lanceolata)], and:
  • Revegetating areas (where vegetation is removed) with native vegetation.

Physical planning and urban design

  • The height of proposed café and/or kiosk buildings is single storey.
  • Building covered area limited to 150m2 and up to 50m2 of alfresco area.
  • Structures to be open and visually permeable.
  • Location to be within the containment zones.
  • Suitable building materials and colours that reflect the natural environment of the site.
  • No walls, gates or fences dividing individual buildings or areas.
  • Retains the ambience of the Dunsborough foreshore, and;
  • Buildings/Development are ‘complementary’ and ‘sympathetic’ to Dunsborough’s heritage, history and culture.

Commercial development on the foreshore will be on a leasehold basis (not freehold), so the land remains in public ownership, with an initial lease length to a maximum of 20 years, with negotiation possible for a further option.